Talent Universe Explorers

True Enterprise Leaders
know that high impact C-Levels, VPs and Directors
are not job seekers. Brilliant minds must be hunted, seduced and closed…

SaaS Founders
win funding and secure market share
through strategic key hires…


While confidential, our clients are our best representatives. They are available for calls with our prospects.

There’s really no two ways about it…

The very best people are doing great in their current role. They’re passionate, they’re focused. An internal growth path is carved for them. They’re on a never fully vested retention plan (ESOP/Shares). They’re so focused on what they’re doing.

You have targets and ambitions for your business. You want brilliant minds to join you. So, as usual, you’ll be asking your internal talent acquisition team, or perhaps even recruiters. After quietly listening to your requirements and asking tactical questions, they’ll publish a bland “job description” to their favourite job boards. They might even go on LinkedIn for a while, hoping to catch people through a smart combination of keywords. As always, they come back with people who really want the job.

Do you really believe that these candidates are the same type that was mentioned in the first paragraph? Such amazingly busy and focused minds would be waiting impatiently for your job posting?

Let’s look at reality in the face. It takes hard work, lots of resources and time… not to search for people, but to convince them to talk with us. It takes emotional intelligence to understand their own aspirations and connect that with your mission, so they accept to chat with you.

Yes we do Executive “Search”, but it would better be named “Executive Engagement”.