About Neofelis

Neofelis is an executive search firm reputed for excellence in delivery and relationships. We set new standards. Our client’s cultures, philosophies, decision making models and targets permeates us: involving our soul, emotions and intellects.

Result: all our clients are repeat customers with 6+ senior leadership assignments per year. We’re grateful to be an extension of:

  • B2B SaaS founders expanding globally
  • A few of the world’s best employers

The team

Eduardo de Barros

I am a 5th time entrepreneur: starting at 17 years old in France as the Founder and Chief Editor of a print technology magazine.

In Switzerland, I built and ran 3 businesses. One was an executive search startup, hiring tech talent for swiss banks and luxury brands.

In 2015, I moved to Asia to push my limits and joined a preeminent executive search firm prior to setting up Neofelis.

We’re hiring

Since 2017, we’ve been a very small team. It’s been great that way. We have been focused on low volume, very high quality work. It is gratifying serving the world’s best employers. But we’ve done much more:

  • We’ve build proprietary automated technologies and processes that make us incredibly efficient.
  • We’ve built a special culture focused on excellence and care for customers and candidates.
  • We consider each target candidate a potential hero.

Sounds better than quotas and quarters, right?