B2B SaaS Expansion to Asia and APAC

  • You’re a co-founder or CRO at a B2B SaaS business
  • You’re rocking your home market
  • You’ve got clients ready to become global accounts
  • You know winner-takes-all requires global expansion
  • You know up to 25% of your global revenue can come from APAC

Do you know?

  • if you should hire your first man on the ground in Australia, Singapore or Hong Kong
  • what good or great talent looks like in these countries
  • what’s the salary market rate, the real one
  • the reputation of this candidate someone introduced to you


  • There is this subset of great talent, “first wo/man on the ground”, we call them. Here’s what their experience looks like: they’ve been hired as the first employee in Asia for a B2B SaaS business expansion like yours. They built revenue, built local operations, hired a team, got their equity vested, mission accomplished. After the 3rd to 5th year, they moved on to another business and did exactly the same. We’ve noticed that pattern. They are great target profiles in so many ways, but they are not a perfect fit for every need or in every case, of course.

We know the market

We keep an eye on the Top 200 global hypergrowth SaaS companies who have expanded to Asia or APAC.

We have established relationships with 300 of their regional leaders: Vice President, Country Managers, Head of Sales. We keep track of our own top 750 Account Executives, ranked by revenue generated and other key metrics.

We search and select for the following missions:

First wo/man on the ground in a new region/country
Regional Vice-President
Country Manager
Head of Sales, Head of Channels
Account Directors/Account Executives

In-depth Research & Market Intelligence

We use our deep research and data collection from high-quality conversations with talents to create a market landscape analysis for our clients. A data-driven approach that helps clients understand their attractiveness in the market.

Global Reach

We serve both US, EU and Asia headquartered B2B SaaS companies.

Our Commitment

We focus on quality and work ethic excellence. We only work on assignments we have 90%+ confidence to successfully close. In fact our current score is 93%+ closed+won+placed.