Neofelis has a reputation for being the firm with the most established relationships with technology leaders in Asia. Since 2017, we have met, interviewed or recruited for, above fifteen hundred CIO, CDO, CTO or CISO.

As a boutique firm, we serve a handful of really high quality firms. Being privately held by the founder, we have no ambition to become a large player to satisfy external shareholders. Rather, we are focusing on serving a selection of exceptional clients in the long term.

A client story: in 2018, we started a relationship with one of the top 10 recognizable firms in the world. We were retained to run a regional executive search for their future APAC CTO. The successful conclusion of this search led to another retained search, this time for a APAC CISO. Later, we’ve hired their CIO for Hong Kong, and four regional heads of technology functions. In total, 12 searches. The relationship keeps going: we now have connected with above 37 employees at all levels in this organisation.

Measuring outcomes: While our track record is very pleasing to us and the client, what truly matters is what followed. The true business impact achieved thanks to the leadership of the exceptional individuals who joined our client. Outcomes of individuals within large structures are too complex to measure, and the level of privacy of this privately held client does not help either. As a result, the best proxy for the quality of service we can offer is:

This client is available to speak to you, as a prospective client, to ensure you of the quality of our service.

What we are and are not: we are a dedicated executive search firm. This means that we dedicate exclusively a consultant and a number of researchers, for a set number of weeks, for each of your assignments (tip: if your recruiters are on success fee, they don’t do that). You secure our time and commitment to deliver. We do “hunting” of talent: we use experience, know-how and relationships to find what we call “target candidates” and approach them directly. We are not a “recruitment agency” – the business of the agencies is to publish job ads, do superficial searches and sell candidates like they are an asset.

Our service is to demonstrate to you, through evidence, that you are hiring the very best fit for the role in the entire market. It’s a big difference in comparison with the typical hiring of “the best applicant” who actually was the best jobseeker who applied to a job posting during the 2 weeks it was online. Companies who prefer to hire the “best in market” rather than the “best applicant” find us a great fit.

We obviously have built a world-class process, leverage in-house technology, etc… everyone says the same and no one can prove it. The truth about what makes a difference? The experience we have in listening to understand your business context, your target outcomes, your culture. If we don’t get that, then how could we find alignment within talent? That’s why the best way for you to evaluate a headhunter’s ability to deliver, is to first observe their questions about what you’re trying to achieve.

Clients find out that what they think they want… is redefined and refocused as we enquire deeper and deeper into their target outcomes.

And this is a great way to start a partnership, ask us to be deeply inquisitive about your plans.