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Since 2017, we’ve been a very small team. It’s been great that way. We have been focused on low volume, very high quality work. It is gratifying serving the world’s best employers. But we’ve done much more:

  • We’ve build proprietary automated technologies and processes that make us incredibly efficient.
  • We’ve built a special culture focused on excellence and care for customers and candidates.
  • We consider each target candidate a potential hero. Each job assigment is a quest.

We’re hiring

Associate researchers are the keys to our success
  • Leverage and develop your intelligence and knowledge
  • Grow towards the next best version of yourself
  • Discover the heroes of tomorrow
  • Pure research in phase 1
  • Research and client engagement in phase 2
  • Candidate facing in phase 3
Customer Success Consultants – and to us, everyone’s a customer
  • Enable our clients to select their heroes
  • Live by the highest ethical standards
  • Your energy makes things happen
  • Client facing and candidate facing
  • Manage the research team, be the key to delivery
Partners generate new opportunities
  • Transform your relationships into dividends
  • Build something deeper than a team
  • True business ownership
  • Pure commercial role with candidate facing
  • Benefit from established support, processes and tech stack