Your source of ROI focused technology leaders

3 levels of service:

Fund level

Identifying CIOs, CTOs, and CDOs who can align with your fund’s strategy and leverage technology to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Cross-Portfolio Level

Placing leaders who can establish consistent technology standards, streamline operations, and uncover cross-portfolio efficiencies.

Portfolio Companies

Securing technology executives with proven track records of creating value and achieving strategic objectives.

Understanding Your Value Creation Plan

We align our search strategy with your unique VCP to ensure that the right leadership team is in place to deliver on growth, profitability, and efficiency targets.

Cultural Alignment

Our comprehensive assessment process ensures we identify leaders whose motivations and behavioral attributes align with your portfolio companies’ culture and investor aspirations.

Specialized Leadership Advisory

Beyond sourcing talent, we provide leadership consulting to guide succession planning, team optimization, and onboarding strategies.

We’re boutique,
yet we’re global

Neofelis provides highly personalized service, understanding each client’s specific culture, strategic objectives, and unique leadership needs. This tailored approach ensures that every executive search is meticulously aligned with the enterprise’s vision. Simultaneously, our global reach enables us to tap into a diverse and expansive network of top-tier technology talent across regions and industries. This combination of intimate, high-touch service with worldwide sourcing capabilities empowers us to deliver transformative technology leaders who can seamlessly drive innovation and strategic growth in complex global enterprises.

We ask challenging questions

Asking probing questions to hiring managers is essential for precision in executive search. This approach allows us to deeply understand the unique cultural and strategic needs of each organization, ensuring that the leaders we place are not only qualified but are perfectly aligned with the company’s long-term vision. This meticulous alignment is fundamental to transformative leadership and enduring success.

It’s the future
we look towards

Our long-term focus is central to everything we do, bringing significant benefits to our clients. We don’t just fill positions; we invest time in understanding your organization’s culture, strategic vision, and unique challenges to deliver leadership solutions that will have a lasting impact. This commitment to a long-term perspective allows us to build enduring relationships with clients, ensuring that we are proactive in anticipating future leadership needs. By focusing on sustained success, we cultivate a deep talent pipeline that aligns with your evolving strategic goals. Our approach results in technology leaders who are not only exceptional in their roles but also contribute to the growth, innovation, and transformation of your business over time.

Privately held,
uniquely client-centric

Our privately owned structure is a cornerstone of the value we bring to our clients. As a boutique executive search firm fully owned and operated by Eduardo de Barros, Neofelis is not beholden to external investors or corporate shareholders. This autonomy enables us to prioritize the needs and interests of our clients above all else. Our flexible ownership structure allows us to craft highly customized search strategies aligned with your strategic objectives, free from the constraints of rigid corporate policies. This personalized and agile approach, coupled with a vested interest in your success, means that every executive search we undertake is guided by a shared vision and a long-term perspective. The technology leaders we place are not only highly qualified but also perfectly suited to drive your business forward in a meaningful and sustainable way.