Regional Managers

  • You’re a scaleup founder, CRO or in charge of hiring a Regional Manager
  • You have an existing team in the target region (if not, this way!)
  • You understood it’s time to add leadership to generate growth or stabilize operations

But how do you hire a Regional Manager for a B2B SaaS in APAC?

  • Ship someone from HQ and show the world you don’t understand the word “culture”
  • Ask your internal team to hunt overseas. Those with no vesting schedule might reply.
  • Publish ads on job boards because of course every top performer spends his days on them
  • Hire the fastest recruiter out there, so they can post your job desc on a job board
  • Hire the cheapest recruiter out there, get a candidate with a broken reputation on the local market
  • Accept good things and results take time, commitment and money: hire a hunter.

Is there a list of the top 200 hypergrowth SaaS who expanded into APAC?

Yes, we’ve built it ourselves. There are rockstar businesses in there, and there’s companies with the most toxic cultures. We keep track each time we speak with talent or clients. We keep an eye on the Top 200 global hypergrowth SaaS companies who have expanded to APAC. We have established relationships with 300 regional leaders: VP, CM, Head of Sales. We keep track of our own top 750 Account Executives, ranked by revenue generated and other key metrics.

Who are the best APAC regional leaders in B2B SaaS?

This question would imply that one size fits all. So we’ve established relationships with 300 APAC regional leaders: Vice President, Country Managers, Head of Sales. But sometimes, the best fit is an industry outsider. Let’s talk about your ambitions and your culture first.

Who do you know?

We have interviewed 60 APAC Regional Vice Presidents of global B2B SaaS which are ranked among the top 1000 hypergrowth companies globally. We understand what matters to them, who is hiring, who has been let go – and why-, who is open for new opportunities and who is looking to grow their sales team across the region. We build long term focused relationships with a selection of them and exchange value on our private quarterly calls. We support their growth, personal and professional, we build their teams.

What about APAC account executives and APAC Account Directors?

There are just so many of them. The type of profile you get in Singapore is extremely different than in Hong Kong. And in Australia it’s a different ball game. So we picked the very best companies, with what we consider “good” cultures. Then, we’re ranked 750 SaaS Account Executives / Directors by deal size, client type, revenue and other key metrics.

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