Neofelis, scaling partners…

Don’t be cheap. If you have the money and the business is scaling, don’t shy away from using the best (and sometimes most expensive) recruiters.”

Scott Weiss
Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

As the seniority of the position increases, the benefits of using a professional search firm outweigh the cost. (…) hiring a CFO is best done with support from a search firm

Jim Stewart
CFO, True Ventures

As your company scales (…) use retained external recruiters for executive hires.

Elad Gil
VP, Twitter

We understand scaleup founders

We only can take so many assignments. Salaries are lower for scaleups than for our enterprise clients. So, when we serve SaaS scaleups, we accept to work the same amount of time for less money. It makes no sense. Except when it does: if we accept to deliver on an assigment for you, it means we believe in you and your firm. Like a VC in a way: we make a bet that by serving you, you’ll grow, and if you grow, we’ll get more business and a secure account for the long run. Not only that, but because we’re a financially very healthy executive search business, we can afford to take assignments on sweat equity. It’s a real incentive to ensure we’ll hire long-term focused talent.

We hunt for:

General Management

  • “First man on the ground”
  • Regional VP
  • Country Managers


  • Head of Sales
  • Account Directors
  • Account Executives

Talent & People

  • Head of Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Acquisition Director
  • Head of People / HR


  • CMO
  • Head of Marketing
  • VP Growth

Need other types of talent? If it’s outside our expertise, we’ll point you to reputable partners.

Your revenue in APAC, our metric

Congrats on rocking your growth in your home market 🚀

  • You know it’s time to expand to APAC to gain up to 💸 25% new global revenue
  • You must secure that market 🌎 to expand your valuation
  • You will upsell local accounts into global accounts to lock-in revenue 🔐
  • You will get that business in IPO mode

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Everyone says you need to hire fast!

Speed is everything. Investors must see the pipeline growing. Let’s hire the best quickly. And everyone agrees with you.
Hold on! This mindset will kill your business, not now, not in 12 months, but it will, surely and slowly! You’re going to get a major once in a lifetime slap in the face. You’re going to learn the lesson that world class executives in leading firms leverage to become successful: always align incentives with your partners…

You ask for speed and everyone says yes. Every recruiter out there praises your need for speed. What could be wrong with that? Good recruiters have their network and they know everyone, so they can recruit quickly, right?

The truth is that the incentives are completely misaligned. You’re telling a recruiter “whatever time you spend on this, you’ll be paid the same”, you incentivize speed, not quality. First thing they do is copy paste your job description on the local job board, scroll through their dirty database for active jobseekers. Next day they set your inbox on fire with low grade, unqualified, uninteresting candidates. Next recruiter, same story, you keep engaging the 99% of recruiters instead of the 1% of hunters.

Get a true hunter, who will tell you about the reality of hiring the best: 4 to 6 weeks, dedicated resources for your search, we’ll hunt 400-600 profiles, interview 20-40, and present you a top 5. All of them will be solid, it’ll be hard to choose, but you’ll be happy. More importantly, you’ll hire the best in the entire market, not whoever was looking for a job for the few days the ad was online. (Great talent don’t apply, they get hunted all the time)

Are hunters as cheap as the average recruiter? No. But it makes sense, right? What about the incentives, are they aligned? It’s all about the terms asked from you: are they asking you for an upfront cash commitment, for exclusivity, and for referrals? Looks like there’s incentives aligned there.