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We understand scale-up founders

We can only take on a limited number of assignments, and salaries are generally lower for scale-ups than for our enterprise clients. This means that when we serve SaaS scale-ups, we dedicate the same amount of time for less financial compensation. However, if we commit to an assignment with your firm, it’s because we believe in you and your potential. Much like a venture capital firm, we make a strategic bet that your growth will lead to a long-term partnership and mutually beneficial business opportunities. Moreover, as a financially robust executive search firm, we have the flexibility to take assignments on a sweat equity basis, providing a real incentive to recruit long-term-focused talent that aligns with your strategic vision.

Scott Weiss
Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Don’t be cheap. If you have the money and the business is scaling, don’t shy away from using the best (and sometimes most expensive) recruiters.”

Jim Stewart
CFO, True Ventures

As the seniority of the position increases, the benefits of using a professional search firm outweigh the cost. (…) hiring a CFO is best done with support from a search firm

Elad Gil
VP, Twitter

As your company scales (…) use retained external recruiters for executive hires.

Our specialties

General Management

  • First man on the ground
  • Regional VPs
  • Country Managers


  • Head of Sales
  • Account Directors
  • Account Executives

Talent & People

  • Head of Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Acquisition Director
  • Head of People / HR


  • CMO
  • Head of Marketing
  • VP Growth
From the United States to Europe and to Asia

Expansion to new markets:

Revenue leaders: your growth is our metric.

Congratulations on achieving remarkable growth in your home market.

Expanding into the APAC region can increase your global revenue by up to 25%. Securing this market is crucial for enhancing your company’s valuation. By upselling local accounts into global ones, you can solidify your revenue and position your business for an IPO.

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Scale-Up Founders:
Why Hiring Speed Isn’t Everything

Hiring for Scale-Up Founders: Why Speed Isn’t Everything

Everyone emphasizes the importance of rapid hiring, and investors want to see your talent pipeline expanding quickly. But hold on—this mindset can be detrimental to your business. While speed matters, quality is paramount, and world-class executives know the value of aligning incentives with recruitment partners.

Recruiters often promise speed, but if incentives aren’t aligned, you’ll receive quantity over quality. Many recruiters will copy-paste your job description, tap into their outdated databases, and flood your inbox with unqualified candidates. This approach leads to wasted time and subpar hires.

Instead, work with a true talent hunter who understands the reality of hiring top-tier candidates. They will:

  • Dedicate 4 to 6 weeks to thoroughly search the market
  • Source 400-600 profiles
  • Interview 20-40 candidates
  • Present you with a shortlist of the top 5

All shortlisted candidates will be exceptional, making your choice challenging but rewarding. This approach ensures you hire the best talent available, not just those actively seeking jobs.

Hunters aren’t as cheap as average recruiters, but their value lies in their dedication and the alignment of incentives. Look for partners who:

  • Require an upfront commitment
  • Seek exclusivity
  • Value referrals

Aligning these incentives ensures a recruitment process focused on quality, not just speed.