Executive Search

Neofelis exists thanks to our willingness to leverage traditional methodology with an ever evolving mindset and technological progress. This is something in which we excel because of our founder’s technology background. We’ve proven time and again how this approach yields results otherwise unreachable.

The fruit of technology itself is useless, of course. It is the application of our creativity that determines the quality of what will become your outcomes. How this creativity is applied speaks even louder: it is applied with care. A simple word, but so much meaning: care.

Yes, we refuse assignments regularly. We only start what we can finish. There are two areas of specialism that make sense to us. The best employers in the world, who seek for technology leadership. The founders of tomorrow’s global software companies, who seek for commercial leaders.

The approach is always bespoke. Precisely tailored to your unique situation. Often you think you know what your need is. But more often than not, our consulting provides you with a broad spectrum vision that reframes your initial strategic need.