You want peace of mind

  • 6+, the average number of assigment we get, per client, per year.
  • 93%+ of the assignments are a success for our clients.
  • 0 candidates have been sourced through ads or job boards.
  • 300 to 600 candidates are targeted for each career opportunity.
  • 25 to 50 target talent per search are interviewed by us.
  • 3 out of 4 candidates introduced to clients are loved by hiring managers.
  • 4 years have passed, only two candidates have gracefully declined an offer.
  • Clients talk about how we care about their peace of mind.
  • Candidates talk about how well we present career opportunities.
  • And you, do you care about your peace of mind?

Aligned incentives

You say you want candidates as quickly as possible, so you hire the recruiter who promises the fastest delivery. Why incentivize speed? Why pay more for less work? We commit dedicated resources for 4 to 8 weeks per search. Recruiters sell you the job seeker who applied to their advertisement within the few days that it was online. As hunters, we provide you in depth research within 100-150 target companies. We directly approach target talent within these companies, usually about 300-500 profiles. We interview about 10% of that. We present you the top 5 very best talent in the entire market, and we can prove it. Do you deserve the recruiter’s approach, or our hunter approach?

You deserve excellence,
experience, peace of mind
and winning outcomes.

You need hunters, not recruiters

You must need business outcomes that are guaranteed by a process. Else, there’s the 99% of recruiters.

Hunters, the 1% (includes Neofelis)Recruiters, the 99%
Source of talentDirect approach to target passive talentJob boards for active job seekers
Search methodologyCreate list of target companies where talent is likely to beKeywords, database
FocusRestriction on number of concurrent assignmentsRun as many jobs as they can
Financial commitmentResource allocation requires some upfront cashSuccess fee based
Time commitmentAllocation of dedicated researchers for 3 to 8 weeksNo commitment
Job intakeInvests time speaking with hiring managers and key stakeholdersTactical questions about the job, requirements are not challenged
PhilosophyProviding business outcomesSelling candidates